25 Lot Subdivision, Cheshire, MA

Cheshire, MA: 25 Lot Subdivision

This project consisted of a 90 acre lot in Cheshire, MA, with a commanding view of Mt. Greylock to the northwest.  The site was being used as a pasture for a grazing cattle, situated at the top of a hill with drainage in 3 directions.   Permitting for the subdivision proceeded with 3 Form A lots that had frontage along the existing public road and 22 Form C lots with frontage located on the proposed roadway.

The owner had begun some of the preliminary work prior to retaining our services.  Trinity worked closely with the owner to integrate the work of the various engineers and surveyor hired for the previous work into a comprehensive design to meet the Form C requirements.  Design services included an Environmental Impact Study, MA Wetlands Protection Act Order of Conditions, Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act (MEPA), National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Erosion Control Permit and Pre and Post Development Stormwater Hydrology study, fire protection pond design, and roadway design.

The project was approved by the Cheshire Planning Commission, the Cheshire Conservation Commission, MEPA and US EPA Region 1.


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