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Vermont Septic System Inspection

Trinity Engineering offers septic system inspections in Vermont.  The requirements for system inspection in Vermont are far less standardized than in other states.  For example, Massachusetts requires a Title 5 inspection at the time of sale.  In Vermont, there is no such requirement that a property be inspected at the time of sale.  However, it has become standard practice by most buyers and lending institutions to have an inspection done at the time of sale.  For this reason, Trinity recommends that sellers perform an inspection prior to placing the property on the market and before agreeing to a purchase and sales agreement.  This can help the seller avoid the situation where the system is found to be in failure after having agreed upon a sale price.

The definition of a failed septic system in Vermont, is one that has wastewater surfacing, backing up into the building or discharging to the waters of the State.   Should a system be found to be in a state of failure, the owner needs to abate the health issue and bring their system or supply into compliance.   There are programs that provide financial assistance to qualifying homeowners that need to upgrade their systems.




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