7 Lot Subdivision, Lyndonville, VT

Lyndonville, VT:  7 Lot Subdivision

This project consisted of a 233 acre lot situated on Darling Hill Road in Lyndonville, VT with magnificent views of Burke Mountain to the northeast.  The lot was previously developed, with an outdoor pavilion, private chapel, access road, farm road and pasture land. Areas of the lot were actively used for cattle grazing and hayfields, and a greenhouse area.   Additionally, the land had an extensive network of single path mountain bike trails in use by Kingdom Trails.

At the conceptual stage, Trinity worked with the prospective buyer and seller to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement that would address the preservation of the on going land uses on those portions of the land to be retained by the seller (cattle grazing, hayfields, farm roads, wells, chapel, pavilion and bike trails), while at the same time identifying a proposed subdivision that had value to the buyer.

The conceptual plan that was identified as the best fit was a 7 lot subdivision, which left the farm, chapel and pavilion in tact and fully operational, relocated the greenhouse facility and resulted in a 7 lot subdivision. The project required extensive permitting efforts, including; the town of Lyndonville, Development Review Board permit, coordination with local zoning requirements, VT Wastewater Permits, VT Subdivision Permit, Construction General Permit (CGP), Operational Stormwater Permit, and VT Act 250 Land Use Permit.  The VT Act 250 Land Use Permit process required coordination with the various stakeholders, including Prime Agricultural Soils Issues, coordination with the local utilities, emergency services providers, neighboring residences and Stormwater issues.

Once the conceptual plan had been defined, all permits were in place in less than 4 months. Field work was perform on a fast track basis in the fall and early winter which allowed the Client to meet his goal of marketing the property in the spring.


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