Mobile Home Park, Charlemont, MA

Woodlawn Park, Charlemont, MA: 6 Lot Subdivision

Woodlawn Park, a mobile home park consisting of 24 mobile homes served by multiple systems and one caretaker residence needed to address several failed Title 5 Septic Systems.  The facility was served by a drilled well, classified as a Public Water Supply (PWS).  Wastewater design flows were in excess of 2000 gallons per day and no municipal sewer system connection was available.

Trinity created a basemap locating the existing residences, water supplies, water lines, Title 5 system components, wetland resource areas and other existing features.  Space was very limited, but by utilizing a Soil Absorption System designed as a Pressure Dosed, Pressure Distributed, Innovative and Alternative system by Infiltrator Systems, Trinity was able to locate a Soil Absorption System (SAS) outside of the Interim Wellhead Protection Area (IWPA).  By working closely with the MADEP Drinking Water division and the MADEP Title 5 division Trinity was able to design a replacement system area large enough to handle the failed systems, and provide an area area for the replacement of the remaining systems in the future.  The plan was approved by MADEP and the Charlemont Board of Health.

In addition to the engineering and permitting efforts, Trinity provided construction oversite and inspection services for the owner.

Trinity provided engineering, design and construction oversite services on several trailer park systems, with very limited location for replacement systems.


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