Title 5 Septic System, Sherborn, MA

Replacement Title 5 System and Wetland Permit, Sherborn, MA:

Trinity designed a replacement Title 5 system for the existing 9 bedroom house and cabana.  The site presented several challenges to the design, including the buffer zone of a nearby bordering vegetated wetlands and a high groundwater table in many areas of the site.  Trinity was able to locate suitable soils in one area of the site and to design the system such that the field has blended in with the existing features and topography to the greatest extent possible.  Several variances to the local Health Ordinance were required, as well as, Local Upgrade Approvals, from the Board of Health.  To proceed with the installation, the presence of bordering vegetated wetlands on site required the filing of a Notice of Intent in order to obtain a wetland permit, called an Order of Conditions.



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